Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday CRUNCH!!/Robot Love

It's been a week since my last blog post and there is a valid reason -- two valid reasons, actually. Number one is: I have a family! We have been spending time together celebrating the holidays and have a few more days of celebration left to go before we fall into our usual routines which involve fewer carbs, more vegetables and considerably less festive beverages. The second reason is just as exciting as the first: one of my cakes will be featured in an online magazine very soon. The photo shoot is just four days away and I am, of course, not entirely prepared. My partner who is a party-throwing goddess is probably going to kill me when she reads this. Nope, I haven't even bought flour yet. So I will return to regular blog-posting in another week, but for now I beg you for patience.

In other news, I would like to announce the opening of a super-rad new bakery in the Portland area. Joi Smith, owner of the previously home-based "Robots Love Cupcakes" is opening her first store-front in North Portland next week. If you like delicious, well made, but not frou-frou treats (and open late!), this is the bakery for you. Joi and her partner Amanda are innovative and talented. I can't wait to go enjoy some of their cupcakes and hand-made marshmallows.

They are located at 3954 N Williams.
 Open on the 5th at 11. All days after that 12-9.

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