Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paparazzi found me...

Okay, I will write more about this later, when I've had sleep and am less distracted, but I must tell you all: I'm famous. You're surprised? Don't know why you should be....

In January myself and three amazing friends did a photo shoot for a mock-wedding (not to be confused with a mach-wedding -- faster than the speed of sound!!!!). Said wedding has been picked up and is now featured by an amazing and very well known party blog. See it here:

And some of my DIY techniques can be found:

Much thanks to my amazing friends and partners:
Event Styling and Floral Design: Jenni Bost of A Well Crafted Party
 Photography: Aubrie LeGault of Capturing Grace Photography
 Model: Joan Stevens

I can't wait to tell you more about this. Until then, just go check it out!!!


  1. This was a lot of fun.... we should collaborate again sometime SOON!

  2. How awesome that you were featured!! I looked at pics of the mock wedding and it was fabulous!!! It was really nice to meet you at the last blogger meetup!

    Keep in touch!